UCLA & NHS Policy Brief – Saving Black Homeownership

UCLA & NHS Policy Brief – Saving Black Homeownership


NHSLA and UCLA Policy brief form just and fair pandemic relief and recovery

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 4, 2021

Families and individuals are still reeling from the global pandemic.  But for some for the Black communities in LA County, the pandemic wiped away economic gains, security, and business equity that may not be recovered.  These realities is why NHS is excited to partner with UCLA’s Center for Neighborhood Knowledge to present our policy brief; Saving Black Homeownership.

Even before the global pandemic, Black homeownership basically made no progress since the Great Recession.  With a looming end to the moratoriums preventing foreclosures and evictions, thousands of Black families are on the path to losing their homes if permanent prevent measures are not established.

In this brief we outline the causation of the crisis, current and pre-pandemic homeownership patterns, pandemic pre-foreclosure analysis and recommendations for equitable solutions for Black homeowners.  We ask that you join us in sounding the alarm on systemic disparities alongside the direct assault from the pandemic that have created this pending crisis set to destroy the nominal gains in Black Homeownership.  Join us in preserving equity, and the legacy of our long time neighbors.

“The higher pre-foreclosure rate in African American communities can also be seen in Figure 8, which displays the pre-foreclosure notice rates by neighborhoods (census tracts) in Los Angeles County. In the thematic map, darker blue shading depicts higher foreclosure rates (normalized by the total number of owner-occupied units). Black majority neighborhoods are outlined in yellow. The overlap is most apparent in parts of South Los Angeles.”


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