As I reflect on this day, April 29, 2021, one year ago, my mother passed away and she and many others of us have prayed for a brighter day; one in which we can live and work together in peace and harmony.   Likewise, our American founders fought for FREEDOM and now its citizens, fight daily for JUSTICE, let us not lose ground on making progress.

We should also reflect back on this day when a shop owner shouted,   “This is America” during the LA Riots 29 years ago. [1]  The uprising and passionate cry of justice incited mass rioting across the city and we watched the city in a blaze as its response to the verdict of officers in the trial of Rodney King.  We must continue to request our American lawmakers to deliver true and unbiased justice to citizens without people of color having to fall prey to the injustice of what now seems to be a daily occurrence nationwide.

In 36 years of services the work of NHS has been to “Strengthen Neighborhoods and Families.”  We have seen the impact of what healthy neighborhoods looks like.  The pride of ownership changes lives, but the first thing every American should feel is that, this country allows for freedom and justice.  When we look back on the civil unrest of 1992 and of 2020; people are rising up to demand JUSTICE and to let their voices be heard.  In this day and time, as humanity is under threat from COVID-19, protection of all life should be paramount to those who choose to “Protect and Serve”.  Please don’t hide behind the shield, but make it your duty, to truly be a representative of Justice.

The NHS Board of Directors and Staff remain available to serve families who need us.  We remain available as advocates for equity, justice, freedom and peace for all.  Let us march on with our heads held high as we serve, care and nurture families.  We are stronger together.


In Peace and Solidarity,

Lori R. Gay

President & CEO


[1] The National Geographic Documentary LA 92, 2017.

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