Don't Move, Improve!




February 27, 2023

$40,000 grants available for families who want to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)!!!

Call NHS for more information. We can help!

Time is limited, don’t delay.

For more information: www.nhslacounty.org or admin@nhslacounty.org


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Our ADU Program

NHS of Los Angeles County is a nonprofit community development corporation. We’ve been serving L.A.
County neighborhoods for more than 38 years and providing home repair and home rehabilitation services
since the start! With the variety of options we offer through our programs, we have been able to help
homeowners to provide and sustain affordable homeownership.

Now, with the ADU program, NHS addresses the needs of homeowners in creating affordable housing for
loved ones, creating generational wealth by offsetting monthly expenses with rental income, and creating
healthy neighborhoods in the process.



The California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) has reopened their $40,000 grant program again starting
March 1, 2023. You will need to provide the following immediate information to gain potential access.

  • Borrower Information – please complete our Client Intake Form (PLEASE CLICK HERE)
  • Proof of Income – paystubs, bank account information
  • Property information – address, utility bill, mortgage information
  • Escrow instructions will have to be setup if you choose to move forward with the program


Our Guidelines

Our program is available to any household in L.A. County. We are unique because we serve as an affordable
lender, financial counseling agency and home rehabilitation agency. To qualify for a grant, the property must
be owner-occupied at the time of application.


Core ADU Guidelines to follow:

  • In the case of homebuyers, the deed must be recorded within 20 days of the application being
    submitted, reviewed and considered for approval
  • The applicant must be named on the property’s deed. It is pertinent to note that we will work with
    households whose property is owned by a Trust, an LLC as long as it is not a corporate LLC, or Tenancy
    In Common. All documentation must be presented, and ownership must be clearly demonstrated
  • A single-family residence or a multi-unit building with 1-4 units are acceptable property
  • You are allowed to refinance your property to help cover costs
  • Please attend an NHS Home Improvement Workshop for additional information

Your support is always needed

At all levels of giving, your generosity touches families.

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