Now, more than ever — Legacy Matters

Now, more than ever — Legacy Matters

NHS has focused our work on promoting strong neighborhoods and strong families. We believe that affordable homeownership is a vital tool in building wealth for families throughout the Los Angeles region given the phenomenal value of real estate here. We’ve recently initiated THE LEGACY PROJECT which is focused on helping families and individuals to retain, expand and enhance their legacy for future generations by preserving their wealth.  Legacy matters.  We spend a great deal of time now listening to conversations around gentrification and other change in our communities. It is too easy to make the conversation about race, when we all have the opportunity to promote generational wealth building and to retain our own assets.  So, don’t sale your home if you’d like to make sure that your children and grandchildren have the opportunity to own real estate.  Do you have a living trust? A will? Do you own stock? Are your property taxes and insurance current?  Do you manage your own assets or work with a wealth advisor?  What’s your plan?

I know…too much detail on tough topics, right?  But, here we are. We each have an obligation to maintain and in many cases, sustain the assets we are building.  That is your job.  No one else is to blame or is responsible.  Let’s figure out how we can be more focused on building real assets and not just be consumers….how do we change our focus from the ‘bling’ to assets that perform for us?  Let’s have that conversation.  NHS is ready to start and will welcome your participation as we embark upon the discussion around family legacy and generational wealth building.  We believe we preserve the rich culture and long term assets in our neighborhoods with your help and all of us joining together to preserve the communities we love.  We’ll be joining with our friends to host workshops, townhalls, individual financial health and wealth sessions, along with figuring out how to keep real estate and other assets safe.  Let’s think long term and dream together!

Looking forward to our mutual success and investment,

Lori Gay

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