Change – Strength for the Long Term

Change – Strength for the Long Term

Change has come to America.  Eight years ago, local residents joined forces with big business and small business all across America to vote for change when the Obama Administration took charge of the Oval Office.  Now, eight years later, Americans have voted for more change with the election of President Donald Trump.  We look forward to figuring out key business opportunities with the new Administration to continue making changes in our communities that will strengthen neighborhoods for the long term.

What does the change mean for our neighborhoods?  For our neighbors? For small business? For health?  These are all major questions right now as we work to navigate new waters in Washington, DC.  We know that many community related programs will be impacted if the election promises are kept.  If not, and there’s room to negotiate, we believe, we will see strategic success.  Let’s not be afraid of big business.  Let’s not close our eyes to the power of advocacy to continue to shine a light on community needs.  Let’s all commit to work collectively to tell our neighborhood and personal achievement stories so that the ‘unsung heroes’ finally get some praise.  We can do that together.  Yes, we can.  Please reach out to our neighborhood programs staff to see how you can get involved at volunteer@nhslacounty.org

I’d like to also take a moment of reflection to honor one of our staff members who passed away suddenly during the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.  Dane Andros was a Senior Construction Specialist who served in our Construction Department for the past six years.  Dane was mild mannered, a staunch business man and well loved by all of his peers.  He was known for being the first person to greet you in the morning since he arrived to work very early to beat the traffic.  And, he could be counted on to keep his word, give a straight answer, and manage his construction project budgets down to the penny.  Dane loved to fish and enjoyed the great outdoors, spending much of his free time hiking and biking whenever he could. He was a man of faith, honor and integrity…a true servant leader.  Dane will be sorely missed by his NHS family and all of his housing clients.  Our thoughts and prayers go out with much love to his family (Debbie and Drew) and friends.  Enjoy fishing in the great beyond Dane…we will miss you.

Peace, Lori Gay

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