35th Year Anniversary Celebration

35th Year Anniversary Celebration

NHS LA Celebrates 35 Years Building Stronger Communities

“This is a community development hub, it’s not a community center and the thinking there is that  families can come in and think through, learn about and spend time engaging around what makes a community thrive.” – Lori Gay, CEO

“Whether you’re someone who’s looking for programs for youth, health, small business, we recognized we needed to be bigger than the original organization is and this is just that secondary phase of who we are. It’s not just about making homeowners at NHS, it’s about making them a part of a community.”– Zeeda Daniele Boardmember NHS of LA County

“Homeownership continues to be a way to improve lives, to build family wealth and a way to revive and stabilize communities.” – Sal Mendoza Board Chair NHS of LA County

“I ended up buying one of the units at Alondra Villas located in Compton right across the street from the Compton Airport. I am first generation here in the United States and I am the first person in my family to own a home.” – Sergio Romero Homeowner

“Homeownership is something that people don’t really think about, like it’s not gonna happen look where I live. That’s part of the reason that made me want to buy my home where I bought my home because I don’t want to leave the community where I grew up. I appreciated the fact that the program is there to help you. They know that you can have the home, but you need the help to get the homes and if we can do that more in this community so people can stop losing their homes. that’s great. ” – Maribel Magana, Homeowner

“To have the knowledge that NHS gave me, enabled me to know how to save my money how to be able to purchase and keep a home. My daughter saw me going through the process, she said mom I’m proud of you. You made it. You got your home on your own.”-Gwendolyn Jones, Homeowner

For 35 years, NHS has strengthened neighborhoods and improved the quality of life for underserved families. By increasing access to affordable capital, developing affordable housing, providing financial education and homeowner counseling NHS is moving swiftly to help your neighbors most affected by the housing affordability crisis as the largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing in the County. Since 1984, we have served clients and strengthened neighborhoods, helping to improve the quality of life for families in need. With contributions from donors like you, we have developed and rehabilitated more than 24,942 housing and commercial units, placed 4.6 million families on the road to homeownership, created 245 block clubs, employed over 252 youth, and reinvested more than $7.06 billion back into some of our County’s most underserved neighborhoods.

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